Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weeks 3 and 4

Week three and four

Ooops, I guess I forgot a week. Sorry bout that. But I will try to keep up. Last week was great, boss was not at work, and it was lovely. Very little stress. I loved it.

Well, here it goes.

· h Follow Through with the Physical. (0/1)

I have my appointment today. I guess I am a little nervous. I haven’t actually been to a doctor, when I haven’t been sick, in a REALLY long time. I consider myself pretty healthy. Who knows what a doctor will say to me.

Done and done.

· h Exercise 3x/week (0/429)

This is harder than I want it to be. I tend to be keeping up at about once a week. I know that I need to get better about it. I used to be a morning exerciser. Since I have to be at work early, I think it may need to be the evening. Maybe while dinner is in the over? We WILL get better. I have a few DVD’s that I can try as well, no VCR right now, so I can’t do my sweatin to the oldies. I do like those.

· h ONLY eat fast food once a month (0/33)

So I had my one last week, it was wonderful. Saturday morning I was out doing errands, and without thinking about it I pulled into McD’s. I seriously was not even aware of what I was doing. I am going to give up eating out for lent, so that will make up for htat one.

· h. drink 1 glass of milk a day (0/1001)

Yeah, I have been bad about this one (the cost of milk doesn’t help) We shall see.

· h. Drink 8 glasses of water a day (0/1001)

I have been really good about this. I am trying not to use water bottles .The water at work tastes funny, but I will try to remember to bring my brita pitcher to work so that I can drink water all day. I only drink water during the day, I have cut out a lot of soda almost completely. Not completely though, lets not get crazy here.

· Knit 5 blankets for Victory Junction (Dad's Christmas Present) (0/5)

· Knit 5 hats for childrens cancer charity (0/5)

· knit 5 hats for Hats for Alex (0/5)

I just got a HUGE amount of yarn from one of my board members, that is for these projects. I will say that once I get my Christmas knitting completed, then I will get started on these. Though I would REALLY much rather be knitting these projects.

a Take a picture every day (0/1001

I am trying so hard at this. I have to get my flickr account upgraded so that you can see the pics that I have taken. When I take one pic, I tend to take quite few. Does that count?

· a make personalized alphabet books for little people (0/5?)

So I don’t know who is reading this, so I can’t say much. . . . I can’t wait to get this together, it is so much fun. I have pictures for it already.

· c Write a letter to someone each month (0/30)

I think my christmas thank you cards qualify.

· c Send post Cards to Granny (1/30)

Done for January

· c send one post card/month t0 Lorelai (0/33)

January Done, Going to write another one today in fact.

· c send 5 post cards/letters a month to Walter Reed Medical Center (0/165)

Does anone know a charity that takes cards to people. Just inspirational “Smile today” kind of things. It is really hard to get cards to Walter Reed.

· f. Cook a new recipe every month (0/33)

I made nana’s veal stew YUMMY!!! And I made a beef stew. That came out okay. A bit bland.

· f. Try a new fruit or vegetable every month (0/33)

I tried apricots. They were okay. I am not a fan of fuzzy fruit. The ywere not very juicy. Does anyone know what a persimmon is?

· s Go to Church every week (0/143)

This has been easy. In fact, one Sunday I said I wasn’t going to go in the morning because of the weather, I didn’t even blink when I went in the evening. It has become habit. I enjoy It now, I never did as a kid. I want to get up and go. . .

· s Read/listen to one book a month (0/33)

I read series of unfortunate events. Dissappointing. I didn’t like it. I will read the others that I have, but I was not impressed. Right now I am reading Family Acts. I also finally finished Picture Perfect by Jodie Picoult. LOVED IT!!! 19 minutes is next.

· $Save $1/Day (0/1001)

So I was doing good, in fact great. I was ahead of the game. THEN!!! I had to fix my car. Thankfully not a huge repair. I will say, it was nice to know htat the money was there. I am not putting it in a savings account just yet, only because since I have no savings (okay, I know I am 32 with no savings. I accept that) They tend to charge you for a savings account when it is under a certain amount. SO for now, we keep it in a jar. But I was really proud of myself for a few days.

· $ keep my car running to the end of this challenge (0/1)

Right now, Mary is rockin my world. She is a great car.

· Post once weekly updates on my 1001 progress in a separate blog.

Clearly, not doin too hot on that right now, but alas, I made up for it with 2 weeks this week, right? Well, I will post again next week, just ot make up for it.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 2

This week has been pretty good. There are a few things that I have been really great about, and others that still need some work. Work has been tough, really tough. The boss is really getting to me. Alass , here we go with my progress

8. h Exercise 3x/week (0/429)
Well, I think I did it twice this week. not too bad, though it needs to get better. I need to edcide what time I am going to do it and just do it.

9. h ONLY eat fast food once a month (0/33)
None this moth at all so far. Pretty good.

10. h. drink 1 glass of milk a day (0/1001)
not so great on that. I am also going to make a substitute of yogurt once a day. gotta be better about this.

12. h. Drink 8 glasses of water a day (0/1001)
I have been REALLY good about this. I fill up 4 bottles of water at home (don't like the water at work, also trying to be less wastefull). This has worked out well for me. I only keep water in the house, I don't keep sode or juice at all. I also add a packet of EmergenC to one bottle a day, so that has been good as well.

18 Knit 5 hats for childrens cancer charity (0/5)
gotta find this charity, having trouble with this step.
21 k Organize needles (0/1)
DONE, for now. Now I have to keep them organized

22. k give away/swap needles that I do not use/need (0/1)
I posted the swap, and a few things went. I will post it again later to see if I can get more given away. I got rid of some stuff.

23 k Sort through knitting magazines and books (0/1)

a. Got everything sorted, just have to put it all away

35 · a Take a picture every day

I have done some of this, I get great ideas for shots, and see them constantly, but I am usually driving when this happens. I will post soon

44. · c Send post Cards to Granny (0/30)

I have been doing good on this.

66 · s Go to Church every week (0/143)

Mass again was great this weekend. It really was nice.

67 · s keep a journal (0/1)

I have to say this has been a great journal, though I know I can’t say everything here. We shall see how it gos. This alone is forcing me to look back and reflect on my week, though I know I need to take pen to paper and really write.

69 · s Read/listen to one book a month (0/33)

I read the first book of series of unfortunate events. I was not impressed. I have four of them, I will read the other three that I have, but I have to say, I really do not like the first book. I think it went too far.

Well, I guess that is it for this week. I think I am doing well. The next few weeks will be hectic, but I know that by keeping up with these items it keeps me motivated to want to do these things in my life. I realized that I have a double on the list, so I have to look into that. The letters to no named people I will explain later (if anyone is curious) The names will be filled in soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

End of Week one

Well, it is the end of week one. Currently I have accomplished a couple of things already.

1. I have made an appointment for a physical on Jan 28th. It is a little wierd for me here. I have not been to the doctor (except for a couple of walk in clinics) in like 15 years. This coul dbe an interesting wake up call for me. I know that I am healthy, but I guess I know that I have ot always been very good to my body. So that is not so great.

#22 CHECK!!! Well sort of. I have posted a swap on LJ, and in my journal, might as well post it here as well
I am excited to clean things out. ALmost made a boo boo though. THere is a cape that some day I would like to knit for mom, I almost gave that creative knitting away. I was so glad I found it (oo, that could be another want. . . I should look into that. . .

27. As soon as I get the yarn, I am going to start the hoodie as a KAL with becca I know hers will be better than mine, she is just like that, but I have to try it. I can't wait. I really like the pattern.

35. I have been pretty good about the picture taking. I have to learn that I cannot decide what I want to take pictures of befor eI take them, that is a downfall. This morning (Thursday) I wanted to take a picture of the temp and I couldn't find a thermometer anywhere. Very frustrating. I was a bit slack, but things take time. We all know that. I also have to get Flickr Pro in order to start the group. I did sign on to a few flickr groups, I think that will help with getting pics taken.

41: I have started getting ideas, does that count. No, I know it doesn't, but this one is going to take quite a bit of planning. I am really excited for it though.

45. I wrote Lorelai a letter today and put it in the mail (a huge accomplishment) I know that she won't read them for years, but I won't always live near her, I hope that it will give ma a chance to get to know her. Becca I promise to send you a box to keep them in. Maybe I should make a 102.

52. Having trouble with this one. I have to find a person at Walter reed to send the cards to, then the letters can be distributed. Isn't it tough when you want to do something nice and you can't. I think there is a really good Paris Gellar line about that. . . . .

53. Well, I think with the onth of january I get to bank a couple of things. I made 2 new recipes this month. Both out of nana's cook book. I made her veal stew (SOOO good, don't think about how the veal lived, it takes the joy out of the food) and also her Pea soup (or at least I hope so, I have to find the peas for it)

67: I guess you could call this my journal. I write in it every day, just only post in it once a week. No really. I haven't started the journal as of Thursday, but we shall see.

69. I just started the Series of unfortunate events. Kind of a scary book. I was hoping to pass it on to I but I don't think I will. hmmm. Well, mom can read it first and decide.

75. Watching Worlds best Prom tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Etiher way, one down. We will get it there. My major problem with this is DVD trauma. I got home from christmas and the DVD player was broken. I got a new one at target with a gift card that I got for christmas. Not what I wanted to spend it on, but Oh well, these things happen. i got it home, and my TV was not compatable with it. Back to Target, I got a VCR/DVD. more than I wanted to spend, but I needed it. So I hooked it up through the old unit, because hte new one was also not compatable. So it worked, I watched one DVD and one Video (both muppets, my life is so sad) Anyway, went to watch a movie this morning. Wouldn't work. So, now I am going back to target, saying SCREW IT to the DVD/VCR. Hoping to get some new clothes (which is what I wanted in the first place) or maybe a coffee maker. We shall see. I downloaded a DVD viewer onto my computer today, as I did not have one. Oh well videos, you will have to sit for awhile. Or maybe you will go to the freecyle fair.

Anyway, that is my life right now, so far, so good. I feel like I am getting things accomplished. Hopefully this will be motivation. It is funny when you sit somewhere and randomly shout out "THat takes care of number 16" People look at you funny. . . . .

Betsy's 101

Taking the lead from Nutmegknitter I have decided to join the 101 things in 1001 days challenge. (I am such a follower, but she finds all of the good stuff)

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

I will be spearating my list into Catagories (I need organization in life) So the catagories are:

Health (h), Art (a), Knitting (Yeah, they are separate)(k), Corespondence (c), Self (s), Food (f), finances ($)

So Here it Goes:

  1. h Make an appointment for a physical (0/1)
  2. h Follow Through with the Physical. (0/1)
  3. h Get Dental insurance (0/1)
  4. h See the Dentist twice a year (0/5)
  5. h get a mammogram (0/1)
  6. h get my hearing tested (0/1)
  7. h Make a GYN appointment (0/1)
  8. h Exercise 3x/week (0/429)
  9. h ONLY eat fast food once a month (0/33)
  10. h. drink 1 glass of milk a day (0/1001)
  11. h. start taking vitamins, esp calcium (0/1)
  12. h. Drink 8 glasses of water a day (0/1001)
  13. h Make appt. with a dermatologist (0/1)
  14. h Get regular eye exam (0/1)
  15. h (for hagrid) learn to make healthy cat food from scratch.
  16. h (for hagrid) learn more about FIV, and keeping Hagrid healthy (0/1)
  17. Knit 5 blankets for Victory Junction (Dad's Christmas Present) (0/5)
  18. Knit 5 hats for childrens cancer charity (0/5)
  19. knit 5 hats for Hats for Alex (0/5)
  20. Knit 20 rope bracelets for team Wind Beneath our wings (0/20)
  21. k Organize needles (0/1)
  22. k give away/swap needles that I do not use/need (0/1)
  23. k Sort through knitting magazines and books (0/1)
  24. k Give away/swap un needed books and magazines (0/1)
  25. k Make an afghan for T&L (0/1)
  26. k Learn to Crochet (0/1)
  27. k knit the central park hoodie for ME (0/1)
  28. k knit a pair of socks, and wear them (0/1)
  29. k Have all christmas knitting DONE by December 10th (0/1)
  30. k learn fair aisle knitting (0/1)
  31. k knit something argyle (0/1)
  32. k go through the online sites and print up the patterns that I like (0/1)
  33. k organize knitting patterns in a book (0/1)
  34. K make Lorelai's baptism blanket (0/1)
  35. a Take a picture every day (0/1001
  36. a Post the pictures in a flickr group (0/1001)
  37. a Make new groups in flickr (0/1)
  38. a learn to use a sewing machine (0/1)
  39. a. use my SLR camera (0/1)
  40. a start writing stories again (0/10)
  41. a make personalized alphabet books for little people (0/5?)
  42. join flickr pro (0/1)
  43. c Write a letter to someone each month (0/30)
  44. c Send post Cards to Granny (0/30)
  45. c send one post card/month t0 Lorelai (0/33)
  46. c. Send one post card a month (0/33) (to be filled in with name later)
  47. c send one post card a month to (0/33) to be filled in with name later
  48. c send one post card a month to (0/33) to be filled in with name later
  49. c send one post card a month to (0/33) to be filled in with name later
  50. c send out christmas cards (0/2)
  51. c send out birthday cards (0/1)
  52. c send 5 post cards/letters a month to Walter Reed Medical Center (0/165)
  53. f. Cook a new recipe every month (0/33)
  54. f. Make a recipe box of all of MY favorite recipes (0/100)
  55. f. try one vegetarian recipe a month (0/33)
  56. f. learn to bake bread (NOT IN THE BREAD OVEN) (0/1)
  57. f. learn to make jam (0/1)
  58. f. give home baked gifts for christmas (not cookies) (0/1)
  59. f. if I like a food, get the recipe (0/15)
  60. f. Try a new fruit or vegetable every month (0/33)
  61. f. cook sushi (0/1)
  62. f grow herbs (0/1)
  63. f cook a meal for my dad and step mother while I am home (0/1)
  64. f cook a meal for my sisters while I am visiting home (0/1)
  65. f cook a meal for my mother and step father while I am home (0/1)
  66. s Go to Church every week (0/143)
  67. s keep a journal (0/1)
  68. s Learn more about my religion (0/1)
  69. s Read/listen to one book a month (0/33)
  70. s REALLY decide where I want to settle (0/1)
  71. s get 3 house plants (0/3)
  72. s care for an orchid (0/1)
  73. s get a facial when I can afford it (0/1)
  74. s get a massage (0/1)
  75. s get through my netflix queu (0/1)
  76. $Pay off Car (0/1)
  77. $Pay Off Credit Cards (0/3)
  78. $Pay off past medical bill (0/1)
  79. $Learn My credit Score (0/1)
  80. $Save $1/Day (0/1001)
  81. $ find out about purchasing a house or condo (0/1)
  82. $ keep my car running to the end of this challenge (0/1)
  83. $ get regular oil changes and tire rotations in my car (0/10)
  84. t go to a concert (0/1)
  85. t go to a play (0/1)
  86. t go to a comedy club (0/1)
  87. t try letter boxing (0/1)
  88. t Visit new place in NC each Month (0/33)
  89. t Visit 10 new places in CT (0/10)
  90. t Go on a vacation (0/1) Going home for a holiday does NOT qualify
  91. t Visit the statue of liberty (0/1)
  92. t Visit the Empire State Building (0/1)
  93. t Visit Ellis Island (0/1)
  94. t Visit 10 Museums (0/10)
  95. t get to the BEACH (0/1)
  96. t Visit PSF (0/1)
  97. t visit Jen in Boston (0/1)
  98. t visit Mare in Maine (0/1)
  99. Celebrate with Becca when we have both completed our tasks (0/1)
  100. Post once weekly updates on my 1001 progress in a separate blog.
  101. Get a dog (0/1)

Betsy's 101 things to do in 1001 days

Well, as the next 1001 days go on I will post in this blog once a week. This is how you will see my progress. I will officially post the list once it is done, I have to come up with 30 more items. I thought this would be easy to make the list, but it is not.